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Home Listings Real Estate Magazine offers the most publicly offered print catalogue of Homes For Sale in the Timmins and District. Pick a home, pick a Realtor and it’s all FREE to the readers! We publish and distribute every second Friday and always offer the latest new listings as well as provide introduction to our Real Estate Professionals, all Members of the Real Estate Board. MLS Listings give you a chance to place your home in the hands of experienced and Knowledgeable Professionals to ensure that Buying or Selling your home is as stress free and organized as possible.

Our Website has hits from literally all over the Globe and is constantly used by Realtors and Service providers to provide information in “Hard Copy” medium to relay information about availability of housing in the Timmins Area and beyond.

Our Publication is available in Red Street Boxes as well as in convenience stores, and from participating Realtors .

Rely on the availability of print media and the added convenience of our Online Magazine as well. We are a Timmins founded, owned and operated business that is fully independent and no way attached to any other Media Organization. Support local business, don’t forget YOUR copy every 2 weeks!


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We offer fast service and dual exposure of Print Media & on The Internet.